I’ve been inundated with baby questions throughout my nearly six-year journey. Most often, the questions are unwelcomed because they come in a negative context. For example, “What you waiting for? or “Girl, you ain’t getting no younger!” I usually smile and offer a generic statement, “I’m focusing on my career right now, thank you.” However, the next time you or I are accosted with questions, we should send out the letter below. I formulated it myself.


Hello [Sir/Madam],

You are receiving this letter because you recently asked when I planned on having children. I want you to know that I’ve been trying to conceive for __________________ without success. However, I’m hoping to build a support system, as statistics show that black women suffer in silence. If you’d like to help, you can ____________________________ (examples, pray for me, donate to my next fertility treatment, donate to an adoption process, etc.). 

I look forward to sharing my child’s picture with you when he/she is born. Thank you again for your concern and support. It’s much needed and appreciated during this difficult time.


[Your Name]

Download Letter Here