Why I wear Green, and why you should too!

Green is the color of nature and life. It has many positive attributes that include renewal, growth, fertility, harmony, safety, hope, compassion, progress, and creativity, to name a few. I personally love being inspired by color and believe that what you wear speaks to your mood. So, be inspired; flood your closet with green and know that you are representing fertility.


Bibles are intimate roadmaps into a person’s deepest feelings. For that reason, I requested both of my grandmother’s bibles when they left this world. Here, I discovered their personal notes, old birthday cards, highlighted scriptures, paper copies of hymns tucked between pages, and toilet paper that served as bookmarks. I studied it all, searching for what inspired them most. Then I came across a tarnished index card in my maternal grandmother’s bible. (I make mention of her under the tab SHE SPOKE, because she suffered from infertility due to a childhood accident.) I studied her cursive handwriting and it led me to the Lord’s Prayer: Matthew 6:9. When I flipped to the scripture I saw that she used a pencil to circle the words “Our Father” and “Amen.” I thought long and hard on why. I flipped to the front of the bible and she wrote her and her husband’s name on the front cover in pencil. She put the year they were married in pencil, and the name of the two witnesses at their wedding. Nothing else in her bible is in pencil. I concluded that her pencil markings were clues to what she had, and what she wanted. She had a husband but wanted children. Her thought was to pray the model prayer for believers, which is the Lord’s Prayer. I now say it every day believing just as she did.